Current Graduate Students:
Ph.D. Students:
• Weilin He (January 2024 – present)

MSc Students:
• Fan Ding (August 2021 – present)

Former Graduate Students:
Ph.D. students:
Chuanni He, December 2022, Thesis Title: Integrate Human and Engineering Aspects to Facilitate Construction Scheduling under Uncertainty, PostDoc at Syracuse University

GongFan Chen, December 2022, Thesis Title: Enhance Collaboration Reliability at Task Level for Construction Projects Using Blockchain Technology, PostDoc at NCSU

Ashtad Javanmardi, July 2019, Thesis Title: Strategies and Predictive Models for Reducing Workflow Variability in Construction Production Systems Current Position: Engineering Manager, FDH Infrastructure Services

Dr. Brad McCoy, May 2019, Thesis Title: Design and Implementation of a New Retrofit for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements Using Mechanically-Fastened Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Current Position: Academy Professor, West Point, Dept. of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Alizera Abbasian Hosseini, October 2015, Thesis Title: Social and Engineering Aspects of Construction Site Management using Simulation and Social Network Analysis Current Position: Project Manager, Flatrion Construction

Dr. Marion M. Russell, June 2013, Thesis Title: Allocation of Time Buffer to Construction Project Task Durations Current Position: Major, Academy Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy, Dept of Civil Engineering

Dr. Brad W. Wambeke, May 2011, Thesis Title: Identifying, Prioritizing, and Reducing Variation of Construction Related Tasks Current Position: Colonel, Director CE Division, Academy Professor/Associate Professor, West Point, Dept. of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Donna Hollar, July 2011, co-advised with Prof. William Rasdorf and Prof. Joe Hummer Thesis Title: Predicting Preliminary Engineering Costs for Highway Projects Current Position: Associate Professor, East Carolina University, Dept. of Construction Management

MSc students:
KeWang Jiang, May 2023, Thesis Title: A Choquet Integral based Approach to Explore Workforce and Duration Optimization for Construction Projects, Ph.D. student at the Qingdao University of Technology

Min Zhang, May 2023, Thesis Title: Impacting Factors of Work Engagement  in Construction Projects -an Information Theory based Analysis, Qingdao City University

ZhiGao Wang, May 2022, Thesis Title: Exploring the Application of Takt Time Planning Method in Construction, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., LTD

NingNing Liu, June 2021, Thesis Title: Improving Construction Planning Reliability – An Information Theory Based Exploration, QingYun Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Minerva Bonilla, May 2020, Thesis Title: Estimating Seasonal Population’s Impact for Powell Bill Funding Allocation, Ph.D. student at NCSU

Naishan Xiang, May 2015, Thesis Title: Predicting, Benchmarking and Warning the Impact of Change for Construction Projects Current Position: Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon

Joshua L. Vaughan, December 2012, Thesis Title: Effects of an Innovative Technology on Construction Management Time Current Position: Assessment Engineering Supervisor, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Kiarash Hajifathalian, 2011 May, Thesis Title: Effects of Working Strategy and Duration Variance on Productivity and Work in Process A Simulation-Based Investigation Current Position: Regional Project Manager, Baker Concrete Construction

Chao Wang, 2010 July, Thesis Title: Causes and Penalties of Variation – Case Study of a Concrete Slab Prefabrication Shop Current Position: Project Manager, Bureau Veritas

Jaime m. Perez, 2009 May, Thesis Title: Implementing Target Costing Principles in Green Building Current Position: Project Manager, Odebrecht

Major Collaborators
Prof. Gregory Howell, Lean Construction Institute

Prof. and Dept. Head, Simon Hsiang, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte, co-advising students since 2008

Prof. Glenn Ballard, UC Berkeley, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering